Special Thanks for Helpful Information:
Chris Dinanno
Steve Farhlender
Joe Lang
Chuck Luce
Ken Stempien
Mike Williams
Joe Yager

Hawaiian Money Standard Catalog "Second Edition" by Donald Medcalf & Ronald Russell 1991

Medals of the United States Mint Issued for Public Sale by Captain Kenneth M. Failor & Eleonora Hayden 1974

The Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Tokens, Vol 1 & 2 by John M. Coffee, Jr & Harold V. Ford 1989

So-Called Dollars by Harold E. Hibler & Charles V. Kappen 1963

National Commemorative Medals of the United States Mint by John T. Dean 2008

Coin Club Medals of San Diego County California by Chuck Luce 2000

Medallic Arts Company American Revolution Bicentennial Medals by Anthony S. Kim 2015

Medals of the United States Mint - The First Century 1792-1892 by RW Julian & N. Neil Harris 1977

Proud members of the Heartland Coin Club

and the Medal Collectors of America

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